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Of all the skills one ever learn while growing up, none are more important than the ability to read. Each book that we read is an opportunity to learn something new. Reading is one of the best forms of self-education for adults too. While it can be easy to watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast, reading still takes the cake when it comes to comprehension and increasing one’s knowledge.

The benefits of reading can be-

  • 1. Increase Vocabulary- Reading an hour a day will expose one to four million words per year.

  • 2. Improves Concentration- Reading takes time, patience, and concentration. Basically, reading forces one to use your brain, when we read, we need to “reason things out which are unfamiliar.”

  • 3. Can help overcome Depression- Reading helped patients suffering from depression with their social well-being. Reading helped them build self-confidence and improved communication.

  • 4. Lower Levels of Stress and Tension Relief- Once a person starts reading books, they will start to focus, not on the stress, but on the words and storyline. In time, reading books will provide stress relief, making the person feel better mentally and physically.
  • 5. Strengthens Writing Abilities- Increased creativity, communication skills, and vocabulary gained from reading will definitely improve one’s writing skill.

  • 6. Increases Imagination & Creativity- Human brain identify photos of objects a lot faster when we simply just read a sentence that describes the appearance of the object. When we read a sentence, our mind will automatically bring up images even when we aren’t really trying.

  • 7. Boosts Sleep- Reading before bed calms the body and mind, especially after a long and stressful day. Even if it is just a chapter or two, the peacefulness that reading induces can help slip a person slip into a deep sleep.

  • 8. Most Importantly, Increases Knowledge-Everything one reads fills their  head with new bits of information, and we never know when it might be of help. The more knowledge a person have, the better-equipped he/she is  to tackle situation in a better way.