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Steps to improve Online Reputation Management

04/20/2018 by

To be safe and renowned on the internet is the biggest confrontation. This public relation term was used to denote the uplifting of the growth of someone’s reputation and public image, online. Making one’s website attractive and user-friendly is the key to making the online foundation firm and sturdy. Search engine optimization and social media marketing and many factors play the role of contributing to the brand’s online reputation. Let’s explore the key elements of ORM (Online Reputation Management) and also explore the Mumbai’s Online Reputation Management space.

What is negative review?

The intensity or the types of negative review (online) depends on the situation on which they faced the problem. Some are dissatisfied with the service and are easy to convince. Some customers are downright upset with the whole situation. So depending on the situation one has to act and look into the problem. Playing calm and steady always works. Many people have the tendency of reacting to people’s comments but that always tends to fire back the anger into the company ruining the name of the brand even more. Some key points to remember while handling customer complaints on social media are –

  • Being polite
  • Staying calm no matter what the situation is
  • Using lucid language while dealing with the client
  • Assuring them of the smooth further progress of the dealings


Delve into the situation and see how to respond to customer complaints. For improving online reputation and Google ranks, some toil is needed. It takes 9 months to make changes on the Google ranking of a brand. So that’s enough time to research and take action on the improvement and delivery of the profound services.

Image of the brand

It is important that your brand is projected the way it is on the internet. So what comes along with it is ‘customer complaint handling procedure’. It is very crucial to know how the Google ranking works and the tools to make your brand efficient. And what matters the most? The image of your brand. It is important to know how to build a strong brand image, both online and offline.


There are many ways which can make your brand maintain its image and above it what you can do to improve the reputation is

  • Find the loopholes in your business and then acting to improve it.
  • Attend seminars and meet-ups to engage with customers.
  • Attend events that make you easy to come to contact with customers. Because, ‘seeing is believing’.
  • Lastly, be active on social media platforms to strengthen the belief of the people.

Now that you know ways to improve your brand image, with Online Reputation Management (ORM), get into making your brand’s firm and strong foundation online. Happy online marketing!